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Sustainable farming

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Ecological fruit products

Since 1986 GRÜNER PUNKT NATURKOST GmbH has been a reliable and fair partner for the processing and refining of fruits from controlled organic production.

The quality of our products already becomes apparent right from the start because our products stem from organic farming. 

As we are not able to grow all of our fruits on our own, we are checking very closely where we can buy them and how they are cultivated. On account of the business relations between producer and processor of raw material which have been lasting for many years, many contacts have originated which are beneficial for both sides.

It is our aim to get resources of best quality and to support organic farming. Due to the fact that our organic farmers exactly know the quality requirements, they are able to implement them in the agricultural field (i.e. special requirements for baby food, degree of ripeness at the time of the crop, special guidelines for processing for specific certifications).