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General Situation

The Coronavirus massively influences our daily lives.

At the current situation, the health of every single person is of utmost importance and the duty of everyone is to protect everyone else, especially the endangered and elderly. Yet, also the economic questions and challenges are a daily concern to us, as we try to steer our corporations through this crisis. To minimize the current risk for our employees, already last week we moved almost our whole staff to home office. The office is usually only manned by one employee.  Nonetheless you can contact us via phone or email. Please understand that not all tasks can be managed during home office and therefore you might experience some delay when we process your request.

Therefore, we humbly ask you to plan your needed products for a longer period of time and also place your orders earlier. This way, we can better arrange for steady availability of raw products and on-point delivery.

Logistic consequences

We closely work together with our long-term partners in transports and logistics to achieve full transparency of the situation and fulfill all demands and needs of our customers. Concerning the warehouses, we already experience extended delays in the workflow due to hygienic specifications and tightened access regulations. This actions cause longer loading times and partially restrict vehicle payload, as load security sometimes can not be controlled by the warehouse employees. Expect delays and restrictions.

South – and Middle America
Several governments in South- and Middle America declared a state of emergency and, besides other measures, have closed the borders.  Other countries ordered full quarantine (Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela) to minimize the spread of the virus. At the moment, we have stocked sufficient product.

We do not observe any major impact on maritime fright, but the available volume declines in most of the harbor terminals.

South Asia and New Zealand
The maritime logistics and the whole chain of delivery of our partners in Thailand and New Zealand remain stable, transportations via truck, customs clearance and storage proceed as usual. India has issued an extensive lockdown. Therefore, heavy impairments in the chain of delivery and delays during loading should be expected.
At the moment, we have stocked sufficient product (even mango purée).

In Europe, we only use rail or street for logistic purposes. To keep supply up, the transportation of cargo is still allowed. Even though Italy is the strongest affected country in Europe, business goes on as usual. But the situation is very dynamic, because the public authorities steadily introduce new laws and regulations individually for every country based on the current situation. There are heavy delays at multiple inner Europe boarders due to increased health and security measurements.

For updates concerning the waiting times, please consult the public available Information under  https://covid-19.sixfold.com/. Please note that we don’t revise this data.

For each country in Europa, we politely ask you to confirm the availability and readiness of storage staff concerning processing arriving wares during business hours, before you place orders with us and hand over the wares to our logistic partners. Shipments, that can’t be processed due to missing recipients, will be sent back on their cost. Moreover, customers need to make sure that recipients will be able to confirm the arrival of the goods.

Stay healthy!

Armin Philipp and his team