• Verarbeitung
  • Processing

Fast and careful treatment around the world

To preserve the sensitive flavour and taste of the fruit, processing has to take place quickly after harvesting and under most careful technical conditions. Harvested products are thoroughly selected and cleaned before freezing them instantly, or they are transformed right away as fresh fruits.
We only process certified organic raw materials.

  • Organic Fruit-juices
  • Organic Fruit-juice concentrates
  • Organic Fruit purees
  • Organic Frozen fruits (IQF or bloc)

Additionally we supply

  • Organic dairy-fruit preparations and fruit-preparations for farm-dairies
  • Organic bakery-fruit preparations

All products are certified organic according EC regulation 834/2007 (the rawmaterial and the processing), in some items also available in DEMETER-quality. Certainly we can`t store each mentioned produce anytime. Some products are only available at time of harvest or we process them exclusively on contract basis.
We are glad to send you further details on product quality (for example cut sizes of IQF fruits: halves, cubes segments, flakes...) on request.
If you require a product that is not on our list, we will be happy to receive your specific inquiry.